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The Secret Clubhouse

The Secret Clubhouse is the sequel to The Adventures of Nicki in Wolf Creek.

In Wolf Creek, Constance Cantrell has become a bigger problem to Nicki, outrageously threatening the friendships that she has made. The conceited Josh Mitchell does his best to make school life for her more problematic. While dreamy Brent Kiser proves to be a guy that Nicki can lean on for help. She continues to secretly commune with the spirit world, which leads her to a new mystery and a frightening new mission. When Nicki is given a letter written by Zach, Nicki's spirit friend, he includes a favor of his own. The mission he has outlined for Nicki will prove incredibly dangerous. Is a treacherous ghost in the hundred-year-old-house where she baby-sits somehow going to stand in her way? If Nicki can accomplish the impossible, the payoff will be huge. That is, if she survives!