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The Adventures of Nicki in Wolf Creek

Young adult fiction has a new literary voice that is bursting with enthusiasm, intrigue and heart.

First in a series The Adventures of Nicki in Wolf Creek by PJ Duval is filled with humor and the paranormal, this children's adventure fiction is a glimpse into rural life America.

For an outgoing and cute pre-teen city girl like Nicki moving to the country should be a walk in the park, but Nicki is surprisingly overwhelmed by the complexities of country life. You see Nicki doesn't go to prep school, she doesn't have a nanny, and she isn't used to the wilderness. How is she going to fit in?

It doesn't help that Nicki is tormented by a bold boy name Jake and is the nemesis of Constance a spoiled rich girl who takes an immediate dislike to Nicki. No, life is not easy, and adding to the fray of heartache and misery, Nicki's new school is ancient and Nicki's drill sergeant math teacher, Mr. Baxter, has informed her that she has only two months to learn an entire year of their advanced math or she will endure the humiliation of flunking third grade. How could this be, she had been at the top of her class in the city!

Just when things seem unbearable Nicki finds that she has a special connection with a person from Wolf Creek's past. This connection is mystical and altogether exhilarating. Could it be possible for a ghost to be a young boy that lived in Wolf Creek almost a hundred years ago? She begins to build friendships with the Wolf Creek kids who prove to be not only intelligent but high spirited and meets a very different kind of mentor who can possibly teach her how to overcome some of these challenges... that is if she is up to it... Follow Nicki and her siblings on their adventures of friendships, rivalries, school challenges, paranormal experiences - and even life threatening dangers.